Since 1983 I am using an Apple ][, //c, //e, //gs, Mac SE, LC, 8100, Quadra 650, Dual G4 2002, iMac White (blown up by playing Second Life), Mac Mini, Mac Pro 2010, iMac 2015.

But last weekend I bought a Top Asus with 250 Gb SSD and 500 GB HDD, Camera, DVD-player, 4x USB for 320 Euro’s

But now it comes.

Until mr. Steve Jobs died Apple’s could run for months without crashing or blue screens.

So does my Mac Pro 2010.

But this iMac 2015… has to reboot every day otherwise it gets hangups. The App Contacts is one of the most important ones, but my contacts have been saved into FileMaker Pro again….

Contacts crashes here all the time.

The one who caused that would have been fired by mr. SJ!

I suspect you are scrumming there. But an OS can’t be created by Scrum.

OS XI must be 100% stable, otherwise use Windows 10. Microsoft has created a stable system that is great. Also Linux is a good alternative but that’s more for Nerds like me on a Raspberry PI.

Douwe Harrop / SL