For anyone who wants to know what chakras are and what they serve, read this text first to get an insight.

How to close your chakras

How to close your chakras. This is a very important exercise and can be very helpful in excluding unwanted and harmful energies. When you close your Chakras, you will become aware of a sense of peace and inner peace. Closing your chakras will also protect you from both unpleasant people and astral entities, both attaching themselves and penetrating the chakras. When closing your chakras, in the presence of threatening beings you can prevent most negative energy from approaching you and attaching themselves to your soul.

Closed chakras can also protect you from psychic drains. This exercise can also help to silence the mind when it happens for silence meditation because it excludes many psychic sounds.

Start with the basic chakra. Visualize your basic chakra as a swirling red vortex of energy, pointed upwards like a pyramid. Visualize doors or shutters and close them on the chakra, shutting out all light. You can visualize this from the front of the chakra, as if you are looking at the chakra through a window.
Do this with each individual chakra, all the way up to your crown chakra.
You will feel a sense of peace and tranquility when all chakras are closed. This exercise can be done several times a day to protect unwanted external stimulation and or yourself in a negative environment such as with unwanted entities.

This is especially effective for people who are naturally mediums and empaths. Who can easily absorb energy from those around them and in their environment. This exercise can also help those who easily get confused by external stimuli.

Your chakras will automatically open again after a short period of time. If you feel like they want to open immediately, do the above exercise in reverse order, open the doors and turn each chakra several times.

1, First chakra, red
2. Second chakra, orange
3. Third chakra, yellow
4. Fourth chakra, green / pink
5. Fifth chakra, blue
6. Sixth chakra, purple
7. Seventh chakra, violet / white