Dear friends across the world.

Our calender is old. There are older calendars than the Gregorian.

But there is a harmonic one; The Tzolkin Calendar of the Maya’s.

It lets every monday be on 1st, 8th, 15th, 22th

Every Tuesdag on 2nd..

and so on.

So we don’t have to use valuable brain power to know on which day July 11th 2017 will be. This year it is a…. Tuesdag.

13×28 = 364.

The Current day July 25th 2017 is the Day out of Time. The Rainbow party accross the world.

José Arguelles has been whispering this harmonic Calendar since 2005. His soul is traveling across the universe and according to what he has seen…. Our Mother Earth, Father Sun, Solar System, Milky way are…. Paradise.

My day of birth was Kin 168 – Galactic Port – Yellow Crystal – Star.

Yours Faithfully – Douwe Harrop – Meet me on Second Life;

Virtual World where all dreams can come reality

Foundation for the Law of Time