Global Health Freedom Fighters awake! Big Pharma must not take over control again…

Consider this:

  1. On March 13, 2002, the Global Health Freedom Movement crashed the server at the EU Parliament with over 6,000,000 protest emails against passage of the EU Vitamin Directive. Despite this impressive indication of total opposition, the totalitarian dictatorship known as the EU Parliament defecated and urinated on the vitamin consumers of the world by shoving the draconian measure through by a mindless two thirds vote. This genocidal action now threatens to force a vitamin standard through to completion at the CCNFSDU by virtue of the EU comprising 16 votes, with former colonies in Africa and the Carribean that are still econcomically dependent on these countries comprising at least another 12.
    Don’t forget- over 6 Million emails crashed the server of the EU Parliament on March 13, 2002, the day of the vote on the EU Vitamin Directive and we are not happy campers.
    As for the EU Parliament labeling Dr.Matthias Rath “a terrorist” and banning him entry to the EU Parliament building in Strousbourg on the day of the vote just because millions of consumers world wide choose to “vote with their feet” against the Vitamin Directive by sending his form letter in en masse, you and your fellow Illuminati stooges had better ponder the fact that Rath has developed the solution to the world’s number one killer disease: heart disease, and its solution is a very simple nutritional protocol. For every action there is a direct and opposite reaction. Global protest against Codex Genocide is only in its beginning stages,.
  2. As the President of International Advocates for Health Freedom, having been tear gassed, shot with plastic bullets, and arrested in Seattle for protesting against the WTO, and having demonstrated in Berlin against the drafting of a Codex vitamin standard that threatens to condemn untold millions globally to unecessary lives of ill health.
    Marines on Mainstreet
    The Marines Land in Atlanta
    Marines Landing in North Carolina
    Marines Hit Beach in Kentucky Today
    With each passing second, an increasing number of people world wide are coming to see through the evil UN Codex Genocide shell game, and we don’t like the cynical comments made by WHO officials that “food control = people control.” We see through the ruling elite’s desire to destroy all religions and nations and to force us under a global dictatorship via the UN. An exponentially increasing number of people world wide are seeing through NSA’s MKULTRA efforts to turn this into a psychocivilized society with everyone under electronic mind control.
    See US Patent for Remotely Monitoring and Altering Brainwaves- US Patent # ,951,134
    “Feds Approve Implant Chip”
    Advocacy Committee for Human Experimentation Survivors and Mind Control
  4. We realize that Food Control and Nutrient Control = People Control and Mind Control. We realize that via GPS chips and microwaves, NSA seeks to destabilize our neurotransmitters- and that it helps towards this end if people’s access to amino acids, human growth hormones, and other nutrients is curtailed. We are also aware of the advances in nanotechnology via which NSA can induce a heart attack or stroke in anyone via microwave manipulation. The lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA is posted on the IAHF website in the anti NSA section. It details NSA’s scientific capabilities to do Remote Neural Monitoring.
    The website of John Mecca includes a section which discusses the extreme importance of access to amino acids and other nutrients to block these genocidal efforts to destabilize our neurotransmitters and to compromise our immune systems. (Countermeasures are for people xperiencing these symptoms: Mecca is one victim of the CIA’s MKULTRA Mind Control program who is fighting back and sounding an alert to the world.
  5. WE and NOT the Codex Commission are sovereign over our own bodies and minds. WE and not the Codex Commission shall determine what we choose to ingest into OUR bodies! We, and NOT NSA hold power over our own neurotransmitters,  because we are building Tesla Coils, consuming amino acids and taking OTHER defensive actions against genocidal microwave manipulation as well as oily Codex maneuvers against the populace in an effort to weaken our immune systems. (See anti NSA section, lawsuit of John St.Claire Akwei vs NSA)
    I realize you probably had no knowledge of any of this before reading this, and realize that you are just a cog in the despicable UN machinery, and that you likely were unaware of the sinister connection between the development of a Codex vitamin standard and the CIA’s MKULTRA Mind control program.
  6. Codex Alimentarius and the EU are trying to cull our numbers and make us sick. Clearly, IG Farben was never in fact “disbanded” at the Nürnberg War Trials following WW2. Hoechst, Bayer, BASF ride again- through the evil manipulations of the UN’s Codex Alimentarius Commission and the German hosts of the CCNFSDU. There can be no other explanation. It is common knowledge that when the allies liberated Frankfurt at the end of the war, the largest military target in Frankfurt, the HQ of IG Farben, was UNTOUCHED by American bombs (even though the whole REST of the city had been cratered.) It is common knowledge that the REASON IG Farben’s HQ was not bombed was that the Rockefellers, Morgans, Duponts, Bushes, and other powerful ruling elite globalists had President Roosevelt issue orders NOT to bomb it under threat of court martial because they owned the controlling stock in IG Farben, the entity that fueled Hitler’s rise to power, and which ran the concentration camps. Those who do not learn from history may be doomed to REPEAT history. Hitler found out the hard way when he tried to occupy Holland. The Dutch RESISTANCE was the toughest he had to face in all the countries he occupied.

    With serious concern,
    John C. Hammell, President
    International Advocates for Health Freedom
    Somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, America

Health & The Police State

I thought this might interest you and it might prove expedient for you to
join Richard Elwood’s mailing list, if you are not already on it.

There is a massive overlap of common ideas and support between the
EuroRealism movement and its opposition to the obscene concept of building a
massive, centralised, corrupt and undemocratic fascist EU soviet and the
overbearing control brought on people’s choices in health and life, medicine
and well being.

Big brother never has known what is best for ME or for any other individual
and as we increasingly move into a police state with EuroPol and the EU’s
40,000 new so called Laws and the EU’s obscene EUropean Arrest Warrant
perhaps we should all work much closer together to defeat the behemoth of
corruption and deceit – the EU.

Britain has throughout modern times prided itself on Justice, exporting it
around the world and extolling independent national sovereignty to its
former colonies. The British Constitution has been, together with British
Common Law, the basis of governance in countries as diverse as India and
America, Gibraltar and Csanada, New Zealand and Malta, Cyprus and New

Now we in Britain are being enslaved by the ridiculous concept that the
planet’s 4th. largest economy is too small to practice independent sovereign
Justice and must have Justice imposed by an alien and foreign concept of
Law, bereft of Justice or democratic principal.

Mad or what?

It is time that we all worked together in our different organisations to
overthrow the hubris, arrogance and dishonesty of our political trash in
positions of governance – don’t look to politicians to solve your problems,
politicians are the problem and no part of the solution.

“In politics, stupidity is not a handicap.”
Napoleon Bonaparte (1769-1821),

‘The arrogance and hubris of corrupt politicians
will be responsible for every drop of blood spilt
in the Wars of Disassociation, if Britain does not
leave the EU on the 5th. September 2003′

British Politicians with pens and treachery, in pursuit
of their own agenda and greed, have done more
damage to the liberty, freedoms, rights and democracy
of the British peoples than any army in over 1,000 years.

The disastrous effects of British politicians selling Britain
into the thrall of foreign rule by the EU for their own
personal rewards has damaged the well-being of Britain
more than the armies of The Kaiser in 1914 or Hitler
and the Franco – German – Italian axis of 1939 – 1945.

~ for more Quotes & Facts:

= ~ =
M r C H A D
———- ———– ———– ————
‘Those who make peaceful revolution impossible
will make violent revolution inevitable.’
‘To achieve One World Government it is necessary
to remove from the minds of men their individualism
their loyalty to family traditions and national identification.’
Brock Chisholm, when Director of the UN WHO

European restrictions are moving rapidly and we need to support efforts by

Elwood Richard,
Now Foods

Timelines on Key Directives as at 23rd October 2002

Project Directive Purpose Timelines
Food Supplements Directive To achieve a EU single market in food
supplements by removing barriers to trade between Member States 12 July
2002 Directive was published and came into force 29 August 2002 UK Ad Hoc
Expert Advisory Group on VMS Draft Report was Published for Consultation
21 November 2002 Deadline for comments on Ad Hoc Expert Group Report
December 2002/January 2003? Ad Hoc Expert Group Report finalized and
published Autumn/Winter 2002? UK FSA publishes draft Statutory Instrument
(SI) Spring 2003? SI finalized and introduced to Parliament to bring into
force main provisions of directive 1 August 2003 Member States must permit
trade in products which comply with the Directive October 2003? SCF
completes review of nutrient upper safe levels Spring 2004? Commission
proposes maximum permitted levels in Commission Directive for consideration
by Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. 2004? FSA brings
forward SI to give legal force in UK law to maximum permitted levels, but
does not come immediately into force 1 August 2005 Member states must
prohibit trade in products which do not comply with the Directive 12 July
2005 Deadline for submitting dossiers for missing nutrients in order to
benefit from derogation until December 2009, nutrients lost to UK market if
no dossiers submitted and not already on list 2006? SI on maximum permitted
levels come into force in UK 31 December 2009 End of availability in the UK
of any nutrients not on the approved list by that date

Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive To provide that
traditional herbal medicinal products might be marketed as medicines without
proof of efficacy provided that a) they are safe, b) can demonstrate 30
years of continuous use, and c) are manufactured to GMP 5th November Votes
in Environment Committee 14-15 November 2002 Ministers (Internal Market
Council) further discuss proposal 18-21 November 2002 European Parliament
Plenary Session votes May 2003 Council adopts Common Position July 2003
Environment Committee considers Common Position September 2003? European
Parliament vote at Second Reading in Plenary Session October 2003 Council
reviews Parliament amendments early 2004? Directive Adopted 31 December
2004 – mid 2005? Deadline for Member States to put in place measures
necessary to comply with the Directive spring 2009? [coming into force plus
5 years] Deadline for products already on the market being subject to the
provisions of the Directive
Addition of Nutrients to Food Directive To set out compositional, labeling
and other requirements for fortified foods End 2002 early 2003? Draft
published for consultation Spring 2003 ? Legislative process commences End
2004? Legislative process complete
Amendments to the Medicines Directive A series of amendments proposed, but
key ones to Article 1 and Article 2 could have major implications
22/23 October 2002 Votes in Plenary of European Parliament April 2003?
Council adopts common position July 2003? European Parliament 2nd Reading
September 2003? Council revision of Parliament amendments Late 2003?
Directive Adopted
Sports Nutrition Directive To establish safety, compositional, and
labeling requirements for sports nutrition products Current Officials
drafting directive February/March 2003? Draft available for Member State
consultation End 2003? Legislative progress begins

We need your support
Running campaigns in the United Kingdom and Europe at the same time is very
difficult and requires substantial resources.

If you value your right to choose safe, higher dose health supplements,
please support Consumers for Health Choice.

Please consider making a donation. Cheques may be made payable to “Consumers
for Health Choice”.
Consumers for Health Choice
9 Old Queen Street
London SW1H 9JA
Fax: 020 7222 4192

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