Optional: A photo or statue of Buddha sitting in Lotus posture
When: At night when going to sleep
Where: In bed
Duration: 45-60 minutes.

Step 1: “Relax the body — the buddha posture will be helpful. Just bring your awareness to the middle of the chest, where the rib bones and the stomach start. With closed eyes, imagine that a small buddha statue is there. You can have a picture of a small buddha statue to make it easier to visualize — just 2”.
“Visualize it as being made of light and the rays are spreading out from it, filling your whole body.

Step 2: “Get absorbed in it: let the whole body become full of light. Then the rays start spreading to the outside, touching the roof, the walls, and then outside the room. Within 15 minutes let them cover the whole universe as far as you can conceive. Great peace will arise.

Step 3: “Remain in that peaceful state for at least 5-10 minutes: the whole universe full of rays and the center of that is your innermost heart.

Step 4: “Then start shrinking back, slowly; just as you had come, now slowly retract. Come back to your inner Buddha — again the 2” high statue full of light.

Step 5: “Suddenly let it disappear, abruptly — that is the point, the most significant in the whole process. Abruptly let it disappear and a negative image will be left — an emptiness. Hold that emptiness, that hole, for at least 5-10 minutes.

“In the first stage you will feel peace — when the rays are spreading all over the universe, and you will feel huge, that the whole universe is within you.
“In the second stage, instead of peace you will feel blissfulness. When the buddha statue becomes negative and all light disappears and there is darkness and silence, you will feel bliss for no reason at all, a well being. Hold that.