Interview with Rath International in August 2001

Experience expert Douwe Harrop
“Without Cellular Medicine my life would be looking less good”

The health Network of dr. Rath knows a lot of advisers. People who are trying to convince others from the working of highly dosed vitamins and other nutritional supplements. Rath Internation searched one of these advisers. A short acquaintance with adviser and computer science expert Douwe Harrop.

The beginning
The appartment of Douwe Harrop is well fit up. His daughter (20 months) welcomes us with visible joy. The reason for visiting mr. Holtjer lays in his involvement with the network. He explains: “After reading dr. Rath’s bestseller ‘Why animals don’t get heart attacks – but we people do’ I was convinced. I decided to co-operate with dr. Rath’s health network. I didn’t succeed directly in doing that. I only started to take highly dosed vitamin supplements from the drugstore. In the end I managed to enter the network of dr. Rath. Since september last year (2000) I use the vitamins of dr. Rath and I must say I feel a lot better by doing so.”

Manic Depression (Bipolar disorder)
Douwe Harrop doesn’t make a secret from the fact he is suffering from bipolar disorder. In 1997 he was diagnosed to suffer from this disease. Since then he used to take lithium. Last year (2000) Holtjer got physical complaints. Research in the hospital couldn’t retrieve the cause. Holtjer: “After that I started taking the products of dr. Rath and it just feels right. Formerly the veins on my hands used to lay upon the hands, but since using the vitamins they use to reside within the skin and that looks a lot better. My heartrhytm problems have disappeared by using the vitamins. I dare to pull through a little bit more, for example while playing badminton. Real top-sports I consider being out of proportion, but I can do a lot nowadays!”

Douwe Harrop is a practice example from the excellent working of the dietary supplements from dr. Rath. He used to take other supplements, but the well-balanced products of dr. Rath simply work better, according to Holtjer. As adviser in the health network his starting point is that people should take their own responsibility for their health. Holtjer: “I noticed a few people with whom I am going to have a talk with. It is a pity that many people cannot put away their scepticism. Many people tend to think they are living healthy by eating an orange from time to time. People are very easy in respect to their health. They tend to go to a doctor to receive a solution for their little health problem. The whole holistic story about what our body really needs in order to stay healthy is mostly hard to tell people.”

His wife and parents-in-law started taking the vitamins already. Holtjer notices about the danger that people can get the idea to stop taking the supplements because of feeling good: “That the highly dosed dietary supplements are the cause of that ‘feeling better’ they don’t realize at that moment.”

The obtained success
Pleasantly surprised was Holtjer with the obtained success from dr. Rath and the health network in Brussels. He thinks it to be ridiculous that there are plans anyway to stop vitamin freedom. He thinks the battle will result into free obtainable supplements in the whole world. The fact that he supports the open letter from dr. Rath is obvious.

Manipulated research
Some Dutch neurologists declared lately on Dutch television that some colleges are manipulating scientific research for earning money. Douwe Harrop is not surprised. He knows the mechanism from nearby. An acquaintance of him studies medicine and is on parties on the expenses of companies. Most of them don’t like it at all, but they have to go there otherwise their carrier as a doctor is ruined.

Holtjer thinks it is important to tell people about things that can influence their health. Holtjer: “It is their own responsibility at a certain time, but they cannot tell I didn’t notice them. People who got a heart attack can be very stubborn. They think the vitamins can’t help them anymore, while it could be helping just that piece of the heart, that is still pumping. It is hard sometimes, but more than reach the information to somebody you cannot do. The rest they have to do theirselves.”

[Drs. Arjen W. Maat]

Bipolar Disorder

How do you shortly explain the cause of Bipolar Disorder? Everything coming towards one he or she will remember. Whether they want it or not. In their brains there is simply no “Delete” button available. That’s why those people have to put everything into memory with care. Only in that case there is an opportunity that they won’t get a manic episode. Maybe people can realize what is going on in the brains of somebody who suffers from Bipolar disorder. What happens when somebody gets manic? The brain is starting to “run” up to twice as fast as normal to come up with anything that was left unhandled of half-handled in the past. It is like starting the same batch-proces on a computer which is twice as fast!


After a disastrous 2006 (long and exhausting manic episode) I found out that lithium is the thing to take (with all its side effects it is the thing to be able to live a life worth living) With all precautions taken by blood-testing on Kidneys there is no risk in taking this metal-mineral at all.

I have learned to live using Lithium after all those years that were weaved with ups and downs in 2007. It is hard to accept that you have a problem that is that serious and in our community not accepted that the high energy in an episode can turn into inacceptable behaviour. In the past bipolar people went away and returned or not. Being in the Goethe Haus in Frankfurt/Main I felt strongly he had bipolar episodes as well.

The only thing I can recommend EVERY bipolar patient. Create a letter and give that to a few good friends/family that are close enough that you contact them at least once/twice a week. Tell them that you want to be notified when you are quite ‘busy on the manic way’ or quite depressed. You don’t need them to tell what you should do because that is a thing you know for yourself: go see your psychiatrist and take e.g. Zyprexa when on a manic episode.

Information about how lithium actually works in our brains.

Lithium – History and Mistery Solved

Suggestion how Lithium works

Lithium controls the amount of glutamate in the brains

To me this information makes me think of the reasons why my speed-of-thought is lowered by lithium:

“Glutamate is the primary excitatory neurotransmitter, carrying messages instantaneously from one nerve cell to another in 85 percent of the brain,” said UW Medical School professor of pharmacology Dr. Lowell Hokin, who directed the research.

Being somebody who always was more on the mania-side of the disorder, I can imagine that if glutamate is so important for us to exchange information in our brains, I could not cry, not laugh and not get goose skin from music during that five years of lithium. Simply the amount of glutamate being kept on one level could not put so much information to a particular spot so I could not cry or laugh for five years. To me they are the meaning of life. And I want them.

Conventional Medicine is not only convinced that their methods are perfect, they should ask themselves why people are looking for alternatives than their medicine with a lot of side-effects.

Until now this is what I found out about feeding myself and creating a life worth living.

1. The best thing you can do for your body is to give it more Omega-3-fatty acids to feed your brain with the right kind of fat. I suspect the reason of loosing weight during a manic episode is because another kind of fat is being burned in your brain, giving far too much energy! The balance between Omega-3 fatty acids and Omega-6 fatty acids is: too much omega-6 fatty acid against to little Omega-3 fatty acids. Taking about 3 grams of Omega-3 fatty acids a day will keep the doctor away!
2. Do not use too much Glutamate, especially in the evening, because it activates your brain and if no lithium is available to control it you may stay awake for too long. As lithium might be the way to control the amount of glutamate in your brain. Just like St Janskruid does for three other neurotransmitters.
3. Vitamin B3 may be the missing link in the way you use too little of it too control a possible damage of your digestive system that your brain is not provided with the right amount and contents of the Cholesterine molecules entering your brain as fuel. B3 is also said to be the missing link for Schizofrenia patients. I think it is good for ALL brainproblems because it is changing the way your body is creating fuel for the brain. If there is too much fat in the cholesterine the brain may get too much power so it can start a manic episode. B3 is the way HDL (with more protein) is created in a larger way. It is also the way Cholesterine patients can naturally return their cholesterine to normal levels. Take salmonoil to provide enough “good fat” to act with B3.
4. Vitamin B5 is the molecule which is needed by the living creatures to live. Without it life should not exist. Because of the working of your vitamin B3 it is good to know that a large amound of B5 is regulating your sugar and protein-digestion.
5. Vitamin B6 is used in the body to create every neurotransmitter to be existing in your brains. It can even regulate the amount of serotonin! That is why I take vitamin B-100 complex every evening to sleep well.
6. Vitamin B12 is probably the missing link for people with MD. Source: An ancient Greek minerals book. It provides Cobalt. That mineral must be taken by people with MD to regulate the amount of energy and hormons in the brain. It is most obvious that in larger amounts it could be replacing lithium if you are stable. Don’t experiment yourself, go to your doctor!
7. Vitamin C provides a stress meter as I tell you elsewere on the site: Stressmeter
8. Inositol, although not sold in such a large amounts can be taken ub ab amount of 2000 mg to be a sleeping pill. A natural one because Inositol is a vitamin of the B-complex. To get to sleep for me I take only the B-complex now; about 100 micrograms of vitamin B12 is in it.
9. Take vitamin C to get activated in the morning. Take a large amount of vitamin B-complex in the evening to give your brain the right particles to create your sleeping hormons and also get your brain throughout the REM-sleep reorganizing your memory. In my opinion a manic episode is nothing more or less than a large reorganization of the memories of your brain, starting to virtually power the brain’s capacity with twenty times. In that “run” your brain is trying to work around the large amount of not-processed emotions in your memory. Afterwards it feels like having re-organised your harddisk. At least that’s what I feel.
10. Keep your emotions clearn on an every day basis and write them down or type them so that your family and friends have access to it and perhaps see in an early stage that it is going wrong with you.
11. Be careful with hypnotherapy because if you are stable and every MD patient can be stable after a Manic (eventually throughout Depression) episode. You can be thrown two years back in processing the emotions stored in your brain!
12. Lithium therapy worked with me the last time coming from a zero-level perfectly. As I had appointed with my wife she had to tell me I had to start. I did that and kept working, although a little “busy”. My concern about lithium is that if you use it for a long time (I did for five years continuously) that it does not in any way start you to write away your information on daily basis. Without lithium I did actually keep my diary up-to-date. Now I am taking it again I did not come to it. As my opinion is that lithium is only tranquilizing your emotions I do not think your emotions are processed by lithium. Thinking in that way I have 5 years of unprocessed or partially processed emotions to come through to get ever live without lithium again (as I tried for a month.) I think the thing lithium does not (access with your memory) in a way vitamin B12 has to do in creating the right chemistry to put information into memory while asleep. read about it (sorry it is Dutch, but I will translate the most important parts of it.) If lithium were the right medicine, every MD-patient would not ever try without it because he or she would be happy with that.
13. If you had a good night’s sleep and you want to feel what it was like taking no lithium (as I did for 25 years until diagnosed MD getting only a real Manic Episode at 16 resulting in a depressive one at 17) just drink 1,5 liter of water in the morning. In the afternoon most of the lithium is gone. In the evening you take your lithium again (as I do: 1 grams of lithium a day.)The risks of getting a manic episode from this are low because you got a good night’s sleep. Perhaps if you do, tell your doctor.
14. My quest is not only to find out more about alternatives for myself. I suspect my daugther to be MD patient also because she is 2,5 and remembers information from her brain that I suspect is already exceptional. When she really has it I have 14 years to find out how to stop her Manic Episode in a more natural way that lithium does. Because she is a woman she needs a natural way because if she ever wants to get children she must not use a conventional tranquilizer. Hopefully she has only the memory of me and not the Manic-Depressive behaviour. In my family:my mother has it and an uncle has a light version of it only not sleeping well for a period of time. The uncle of my mother (her mother’s side) commited suicide. He possibly didn’t get out of a depressive episode. Family of my grand-father (mother’s side) had also a different behaviour. I did not know whether it was MD and I cannot ask them because they are dead for a long time. It is said that the chance to give MD to your children is 5% As I look at the rates it is in my family I think with us the chance is much higher. Fortunately my grandfather (mother’s side) added a hughe amount of humor into our family and that is theway most of us get through.
15. MD can still be a viral infection. I once read a piece that the Bora Virus is brought into connection with MD. You won’t hear anything about it but in England a woman must be cured from MD by only using antibiotics. I would not use anti-biotics but will try it with Colloidal Silver in a few weeks. (My generator of that beautiful super-antibiotic is under-way) The reason you won’t hear of a viral infection of it is the market of lithium and other anti-MD medicine.
16. MD is only a forced reorganization of your mind, invoked only when you have a lot of stress and emotional-input. You can’t really stop it by taking lithium. But it will be less fierce and as for me it will last in a for you environment better-way for about two weeks. But can anyone tell me that if you are able to start lithium (from level 0) and blow away a manic-episode, why do you have to take lithium every day? If the emotional-input and stress are at normal levels you won’t get manic, just like every “normal” person.
17. My version of MD is dependent of the seasons. I won’t get a manic episode from March till September because I receive a lot of sunlight. Perhaps my brains run better on that. Order the book “The Field” of Lynne McTaggert to learn more about that. Next October I will use a bio-energy-light to try to keep my mind running in normal mode!
18. Fallling into sleep can sometimes be difficult: I use little natural things to get rid of my thoughts sometimes: Valeriane and Melisse. Vitamin B-complex before getting to sleep. Half an hour of nothing before get to sleep, just sitting quietly. Sometimes, in day seemingly depressed, St. Janskruid will help.
19. Writing down your emotions is the best thing to get rid of emotions. There is no other way for somebody suffering from bipolar disorder. If you have lithium or another psychodrug. The want to write down everything will be lowered. And that is not helping you out.
20. Taurine will help while taking lithium to keep year heart-rhytm as normal as possible (Also known to help while having low-bloodpressure)
21. Lysine will help to wipe away arteriosclerosis. Refer to this site for more information
22. Proline, Lysine and Vitamin C cooperate together to keep your bloodvessels in good shape.
23. Vitamin B3 will help to make more HDL-cholesterol in your body, probably the “better” fuel than LDL-cholesterol for your brains.
24. Vitamin B12 helps accessing memory and make your thoughts quick as they ought to be.
25. Vitamine B5 is known to play a role in your fiber and protein digestion.
26. Colloidal Silver (Silver solved in water) to keep away any virus, bacteria or other germ.
27. A Homeopatic Doctor prescribed me something so I can set aside things more easily. I believe it will work. It’s no sense writing down which means he prescribed because it is done towards the person. If you’d like the idea of solving bipolar disorder this way, you should visit a homeopatic doctor.

My own experience with lithium….

* Lithium lets you get less sugar (if you take the same amount it gets you REALLY FAT). Still sugar (glucose) is the fuel on which your brain “runs”.
* I had five years long (the time I took lithium) NO FEVER AT ALL. The last few days I got my fever back to fight virusses. (My daugther also has a fever now but she is drinking well and this night she calls on me every fifteen minutes!)
* My emotions went back to such a level that I had disputes with my wife on fairly nothing!
* I couldn’t find out whether the other person was just kidding or not. So I had to ask everything seriously until others started to laugh.
* Having a wife, a child, second one coming, a job – fairly said: everything! It was really hard for me to come along with running your brain at “half the power”, caused by Lithium. Of course it could take away some little up’s and down’s. But the real emotion which I got when my daughter was born on Oct. 28th, 1999 – Lithium was too less. I got manic without wanting to do so. The day I failed, my lithium level was at the rate it had always been: 0,6-0,7 mmol/dl. It could not even stop me from getting manic. Why? I did not know. After I got on the ride again in december 1999, I took up my lithium and went further. In Summer 2000, I got problems. I didn’t feel well and got everything checked by my psychiatrists at the hospital. Result: “Only your Calcium levels are a little high, but that can be normal if you take lithium for a few years. You are sound!” Still taking lithium, I read the book of dr. Rath “Why animals don’t get heart-attacks, but people do.” I read it all in a weekend. Then I drew one conclusion: You are taking a medicine which causes you to drink much and urinate often. The same parallel with people who take medication on high blood pressure. I got some highly dosed vitamin C and a multivitamin on the local groceries as Rath’s vitamins are not being sold in stores (As e.g. in the U.S.). I started on taking them (about 3 g vitamin C a day) and suddenly I felt a little better than before. Perhaps it was true what dr. Rath wrote, although I never doubted that fact because he could explain why people get ill – a normal doctor can’t, he or she is just taking symptoms away. After September 2000 I started with the vitamins of dr. Rath. I suddenly felt much more better. In January 2001, when we stopped using the microwave oven for cooking and heating our food (We used it for five years.) The last external factor except lithium stopped bothering me. In 2001 I got a lot of stress. E.g. they could have been moving our job 120 kilometres away. They waited half a year until saying what to do! I could compare it with the energy it took from me when my daugther was born. Still taking a lot of vitamins and lithium. I took so much of vitamin C that it really worked as a “stress-meter”. If I mentally thought (during that same half a year earlier mentioned) everything was running fine, my body underneath was producing a large amount of stress hormons (e.g. Adrenalin.) As few of you might know that for every molecule of Adrenalin to be produced the body loses a molecule of vitamin C. That information was provided by dr. Rath in his book. What is the only way for the body to take away the hughes amount of adrenalin? You have to run for a toilet because it can come from down and up at the same time! My mind couldn’t have known that there was a lot of stress for me around, but my body did! I got ill for a day or two. In that two days I could write any stress down into my computer. Returning “refreshed” back in my office one or two days later. Still taking lithium. In february 2002 I got a virus infection causing diarree and throwing up. My wife and my daughter were also ill and I had to stop my lithium because otherwise I could be poisoned by it when I took it with empty stomac. I stopped for a week and everything seemed to be flowing better. All the side-effects on lithium (some which I didn’t even expect I had them.) were taken away. All the warnings I got were good-meant, but I managed to convince my wife that I would like to stop lithium. I know she is pregnant, that was perhaps the most difficult part of it, but I had to get a picture of both sides: With or Without lithium. I won’t say I am never taking lithium again, in some cases it can be very useful, but my point of view is still unstable because I stopped lithium only for a month. But in my opinion the vitmin C in my body still acts like a stress-meter to me.
* I feel lithium is good to surpress a on-coming manic episode. But after a manic episode my memory is completely re-organised and the chance of getting manic than is nearly zero. I started on lithium again perhaps two days late but I can feel better now when it starts. I am now on my lithium for a month, but I feel that when I am using it when the second child is coming, I will be manic again because my emotions will be that high that lithium is not allowing me. Said in another way: while summer I was never manic because of the sun. There is no reason to think I will be manic for a long time after reorganisation of the brain. In 1988 I was manic for the first time in my history. The second was in 1996. I think it is not good to use lithium for a long time, especially when you are willing to take it again when your manic episode is starting. The reason I overthought this is because yesterday I said things to my wife I wouldn’t have said without lithium because I can relativate things using lithium. Other things: I feel my heart is not doing well using lithium, I get thirsty again and every other side-effect is now telling me to stop. The only person I can talk to about this is my house-doctor because he agreed in the function of a manic-episode: the reorganisation. My psychiatrist is only fighting a disease, but for me a disease with a reasonable function is not a disease at all. And certainly no reason to make you feel only half emotions at a lifetime.

Please don’t take any steps without seeing a natural doctor if you are not sure in what you are doing.

Why lithium is not the solution to bipolar disorder (to me)

The first proof to me came on Friday, november 5th .1999. I came back from Germany where I broke our car down (Driving 160 kilometres an hour and then from gear 5 back to gear 2) My wife told me: “The called from the hospital, your lithiumlevels are good. I told the assistant then it could not be good because you drove away without telling anybody to get my parents out of Frankfurt.” I consoled her telling that I could not help it and that I tried to have a surprise for her getting her parents to Arnhem.

Today it is Thursday February 7th, 2002. I have stopped lithium a few days because of an influenza-art which my wife and Angelique also suffered from. This morning I realized lithium is the largest make-believe to me as I can imagine. If I take lithium at 9.30 pm, I always fall asleep and can act next day. But everything not processed by my mind is left behind in the brains and will come down some day. If the emotions get to high (as when Angelique was born) even lithium cannot keep me away from a manic epsiode. In my opionion I would have been depressed in 2001 when not taking the foodsupplements as I did in that year. The adrenalin-levels have risen once so high that I finally realized on what kind of stress I was getting through. It was my own body which told me to stop by diarrhoea and vomitting. The largest danger of lithium to me is that it takes away the obligation to process all emotions daily. This obligation I took when taking no lithium at all. Typing away emotions always help me to come over problems and process information coming to my brains. Sometimes it is too late and the manic episode arrives. But that happened only after the birth of my daughter Angelique.

Sure, lithium acts good as a tranquilizer and puts away a lot of emotions. You are not aware of that emotions being taken away from you when taking lithium. Only when stopping you experience that. There was a lot of difference looking at my wonderful daughter this morning compared to the lithium view I had for five years (over two years with my daughter) I liked myself and felt as happy as I had not felt for over five years. Anke is pregnant of our second! Wonderful!

Those things went better off lithium than on:

* Less slime comes from my lungs.
* My heartbeat is a lot more comfortable – heartrhytmproblems are gone!~
There is a studie about lithium being poisonous to the heart. BMJ, 2001:322:1207-9
* Lithium sometimes takes over control in my head stopping brain processing for a second when emotions rise too high according to lithium’s laws.
* Less drink and sweat
* Less high noise in my ears
* When unprocessed things of the day remain in the head, by the calming down of the lithium you always have the risk to get manic again.
* Skin-problems caused by lithium are gone (pimples)
* Reaction-power when driving is a lot higher. I drove safely without lithium from April 6th. 1990 until January 1997 without damage.
* Lithium affects (via the thyroid gland) the body temperature. I could not get a fever with lithium. After stopping I got a fever!
* Lithium causes a deficiency in vitamins, minerals and aminoacids after 3,5 years of use. Most likely from the amount of water I drank. – Similar with people who use conventional bloodpressure medication.
* The best sugars (fructose in juice) are causing you to get thick when using lithium because lithium holds on a lot more water than natrium does.
* Less pain in my chest. There seems to be less water around the heart right now.
* I can sleep on my left side now, which didn’t go while having that pain in my chest.
* Five days witthout lithium let come so many unexperienced emotions that I am glad my power-of-thinking is growing to be full after five days.
* 25 years without lithium caused manic and depressive episodes, but I think they had a function to put away all emotions normally. That is absolutely the function of getting manic! My general practitioner said I am right thinking so.
* Everybody tries to help you at his way and remembering that it is not bad at all to have swallowed lithium for five years., but I think it is not needed to stay on lithium continiously. Only when a manic episode is on the horizon, I will start lithium.
* Without lithium, eating and drinking tastes better. It makes my flesh creep when I hear some music right now.
* I can really laugh and cry now without taking away emotions.
* I can estimate jokes again.

Why did I take lithium? To take away the chance of getting manic or depressed. A disorder which is with me all my life and of which I finally know how it feels when it arrives. The only time I got manic with lithium I felt safe but that was a wrong conclusion. The risk stays to be manic or depressed, with or without lithium.

Today when I translate this into English (June 13th, 2002) I am off lithium again for two months now. How? By taking Omega-3 fatty acids. They seem to take away the cause of our disorder.

Written on May, 4th, 2003:

My faith in lithium was gone when I took it day after day from january 1997 until 1999 when my first daughter was born on 28.10.1999 I wanted to live this beautiful emotion. When lithium would have helped me I would not have gotten manic after she was born. This was the idea that came back to me in the beginning of 2000 when I was recovered. When it would have been proven OK to treat bipolar disorder it should have been saving me also when such a beautiful thing would happen.

I told myself that I had to find something else. Halfway 2000 I fell ill. I had all my blood examined by the psychiatrist and he told me that I was very healthy – only the amount of calcium would be a little bit high but that would be normal when taking lithium for 3 years…

But I did not feel healthy.. Then I read a book of dr. Rath ‘Why animals don’t get heart attacks, but we people do’ I could draw some parallels with peole taking medicine lowering bloodpressure and the medicine I took; the lithium. I started to take highly dosed foodsupplements next to my lithium halfway 2000. Starting 2001 I stopped using my microwave oven – another part of my regained health.

In the end of 2001 my wife got pregnant again and I had told myself that if I would take lithium with birth of my second child it would go wrong again. Alternatives I didn’t have.. I stopped my lithium due to high fever in the beginning of 2002. I stopped for a month and got manic again. Started on lithium again… But didn’t feel comfortable with it anymore because I felt myself without it.

In april 2002 I read a piece in the newspaper magazine that told that I should take Omega-3 fatty acids on a regular basis.. I started on them (next to my other supplements) and within a week I felt so stable in my head that I felt I could safily stop lithium. I had to do this on my own because I didn’t want to tell my wife being pregnant that I stopped once again… After one month I visited a homeopatic doctor who gave me something (after 1 hour talking) that it would make it easier for me to just let things go… With all of this I stayed stable for over one year now…

I won’t advice anyone who is satisfied with his medicine to try the same, but I am sure it won’t do you any harm using foodsupplements next to medicine. Foodsupplements are the medicine that should have been in your food – but with a lack of something they can really bring back your health… When chemical medicines would be the real solution to our health-problems we would have been extinguished far earlier than the 1940’s when those chemical solutions came in..

Very important for people suffering from Bipolar Disorder: Regular Sleep.
Short biography

1972 – Born on April, 6th.

The only thing seemingly to go wrong during my youth was the fact that I did not want to eat anything. From something I ate much, from others absolutely nothing.

1988 – After a normal youth, at the age of 16 I get my first manic episode, diagnosed as schizofrenia. Nobody was told that and I discovered it in december 1995 when talking to my new house-doctor

1995 – I get my first manic episode after 9 years. The way I was with my parents kept me going to bed during 7 years kept me away from any manic episode during that same seven years. I stand on my own now and get manic from the way I felt they thought I was schizofrenic

1996 – In february I was depressed from the manic episode I work in shifts and get my manic episode in October 1996 as my wife moves towards me. One doctor noticed me depressed (february) and manic (october) and sends me to my psychiatrist.

1997 – In January I get my first lithium. I feel very well with it because no manic episode arrives.

1999- October/November – Although taking lithium I get manic after the birth of our first daughter Angelique. The confidence I had in lithium lowered by that event because the medicine that should have been protecting me against manic episodes now seems to even cause that same manic episode! I kept on swallowing it with the lack of alternatives.

2000 – Halfway – I started going the natural way using foodsupplements, next to my lithium treatment. The reason: the lack of vitamins in my body makes me weak. For that reason the doctors took a complete bloodsample. They told me I had to be healthy. But I did not feel healthy. After reading dr. Rath’s book ‘Why animals don’t get heart attacks but people do’ I drew the parallel with people suffering from high bloodpressure taking urinating-pills. They too loose to many vital substances and so they’ll make their chance of a heart attack larger. I started on taking good food-supplements. There is absolutely no interaction from any medicine to foodsupplements because the foodsupplements contain only ingredients normally found in food. I did not have to stop medication while taking foodsupplements. Actually I could keep on with swallowing lithium only by doing so!

2001 – January – Stopped using the microwave oven

2002 – February I stopped lithium while suffering from an influenza virus of the stomach. Everything felt better and I could even get goose skin of music, something which I did not feel at all during 5 years of lithium. I decided to keep stopped from lithium. Halfway march a manic episode is on the horizon. I started up lithium again after one night of no sleeping treating my daughter while she was ill; giving her to drink every half aan hour. The way my manic episode was surpressed by that lithium was good. I wanted to be treated that way with lithium, which is a normal way of treating, as read from a book of my house-doctor. In april I reaad an article about Omega-3-fatty-acids being very important to people with bipolar disorder. Upon that I started to take 3 grams of fishoil a day. Still taking lithium I found out that the fuel to my brain could not get me in a manic episode at all. Without noticing anybody I stopped lithium on April 15th. Only a few members of the badminton club know I stopped. When I would not get asleep I discussed with my father (not telling him I stopped because family is always scared about me getting manic) that I should take lithium during the night I could not get asleep. That easy way out kept me confident that I could not get manic at all. With our second child being delivered at the end of june 2002, I am sure I won’t get manic and I will feel every emotion that is coming to a father who loves his children.

2002 – May 24th, My first visit to my homeopatic doctor Tinus Smits in Eindhoven was very successful. He believed my story about omega-3 fatty acids and even sold me flax-oil, even a better source than fishoil. He diagnosed very well and I felt the first time to be taken seriously by a doctor. He prescribed Carcino Sinum 100k twice a week two granules. After a week I start taking this and playing badminton at once started to go a lot better because I didn’t care so much anymore. It is a very good and normal natural feeling. That is the only thing I could notice from taking this homeopatic granules.

2002 – June 3th, I tell my psychiatrist that I stopped lithium once again – and hopefully forever. He had to respect my choice, although he doesn’t understand. He assured me that I could come back whenever I started on lithium again. I made an appointment with him on October 31st and I am still seeing him once half a year. It is not that I am angry with him, because he did what he knows to help me. That this was no help for me at all, that is a pity, but he at least respects my choice.

2002 – June 30th, our second child Chantal has been born and still my wife didn’t even know by now that I stopped lithium. About one month after her birth I told her that I stopped lithium. In fact she had already noticed other reactions. We had less disputes and everything with me seemed to go easier. No trouble at all with the birth of our second daughter. I really enjoy this!

2002 – autumn, normally at autumn I can get in trouble, but the trouble stays away and I still feel as normal as I did last summer. The homeopatic substance is now Carcino sinum 200k every week. After a while it will be Carcino Sinum MK every two weeks. It is simply great how I feel and behave. I sleep well – that is the most important thing for somebody who is affected to some trouble with the brain! I am happy I took this step. My brain is reaching its full ‘power’ again and that on normal fuel!

The reason I could stop on April 15th, 2002 now is 2 way:
– Omega-3 fatty acids (1 gram; 3 times a day) take away one of the causes of bipolar disorder, along with aminoacid-complex and vitamin B-complex 100 taken in the evening before going to bed. In the morning followed by a good multivitamin with aminoacids in the morning. As for the Omega-3 fatty acids it just feels they are the right fuel to my brains. Other fat (with higher burn power) is in my opinion able to start a manic episode’s energy to flow from your brain.
– I visited a homeopatic doctor who prescribed me something to make it easier to just ‘let things the way they are’ . It’s no use telling the right substance because it was prescribed after a one hour’s talk about myself and should fit to myself. Of course you read a lot of stories about this kind of ‘adventure’ but I think in the end I’ve got back my emotions while not taking lithium at all.

What happend in 2004:

One man came across my path and he told me that some vitamines would bring organs to sleep. Although he can be right anyway about Vitamin C; on which he had seen the case that it could bring the adrenal glands to sleep; it showed up that my own health came at risk. You might know that I am suffering from bipolar disorder and that I found a remedy using food-supplements to stay stable without regular medication for 2 years. But stopping these supplements in March 2004 caused me to get a manic episode at the end of July 2004 once again – maybe the ultimate proof that the supplements did their job well during the 2 years I was without common medicine. Another reason for me te get manic was that I realised my youngest daughter is handicapped – and so there were around 14 reasons to turn myself mad.

On the manic episode they treated me with conventional medicine to bring my energy to normal levels once again. Now they say I have to take them forever, but that won’t be the case. I already started the supplements next to the medication to be able to function normally – and now I am waiting for the moment to stop the medication, but the psychiatrists already brain-washed my family that it is very important for me to use this medication. With this medication life is so flat, that it is hard to laugh and to cry – it is absolutely awful.

Ever since february 2005 I stopped any medication except my own supplements. With help of the osteopath I feel very well. It is now one year further and I like the way my website has changed and how it might help you as well…

As a story:

After a normal youth, I had my first manic episode at the age of 16. Later, after I was out on my own, the manic episodes began again. I believe that when I was still living with my parents they helped me by making me go to bed and get regular sleep.

I was diagnosed by my doctor as being schizophrenic. Eventually, I was put on lithium and I felt somewhat well on it because the manic episodes seemed to stop.

Then, after the birth of my first daughter, I began having manic episodes again. My confidence in the lithium was lowered because the medicine that was supposed to be protecting me from manic episodes now seemed to cause them! I kept taking the medicine but felt I had a lack of alternatives.

In the year 2000 I began to get halfway to a recovery because I started taking natural food supplements. I discovered this after reading Dr. Rath’s book, Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks But People Do. For instance, the book mentions people taking diuretics (water pills), and then losing vitamins and minerals they need to prevent heart attacks as a result of the pills. But I did keep taking the lithium, and the food supplements made it easier to do so.

In 2002 I stopped taking the lithium. Everything felt better and I was able to get goose bumps from listening to music, something which I did not feel at all during 5 years of taking lithium. I did have to start taking it again later, after I began to have manic episodes when I had to stay up at night caring for my sick daughter.

But soon after, I read an article about Omega-3 fatty acids being very important to people with bipolar disorder. With that I started taking 3 grams of fish oil a day. Having that new fuel to my brain, I found I did not get a manic episode at all!

After this, I stopped taking lithium again in April, 2002. I kept confident that I would not get manic at all.

My second child was expected in June, and I was sure I would not get manic at all and that I would be able to feel every emotion that should be felt by a father who loves his children.

In May I had my first visit with a homeopathic doctor which was very successful. He believed my story about fish oils, and even put me on flax oil, an even better source of fatty acids. I felt for the first time that I was being taken seriously by a doctor. He also prescribed Carcino Sinum 100k twice a week, two granules. A week after I started taking this things started to go a lot better because I didn’t care about things so seriously the way I did before. It was a very good and natural feeling.

I told my psychiatrist I had finally stopped taking the lithium. He said he had to respect my choice although he did not understand!

Then in June, our second child was born. There was no trouble at all with the birth as far as my having manic episodes! I was really beginning to enjoy it! My wife even noticed that we had less disputes and that everything with me seemed to go easier!

Now it is autumn of 2002. Normally I can get in trouble in autumn, but this year the trouble stays away and I still feel as normal as I did in the summer when the baby was born! I am now taking the homeopathic substance Carcino Sinum 200k every week, and soon it will be Carcino Sinum MK every two weeks. It is simply great how I feel and behave. I sleep well – and that is the most important thing for somebody who is affected with mental health trouble. I am so happy I took this step. My brain is reaching its full power again and on normal fuel!

The reasons I could stop the lithium are two-fold. First, the Omega-3 fatty acids (1 gram, 3 times a day), which take away one of the causes of bipolar disorder. This was taken along with an amino acid complex and vitamin B-complex, 100 mg, taken in the evening before bed. Then I followed this with a good multi-vitamin with amino acids in the morning. The Omega-3 fatty acids just feel like the right fuel for my brain.

The second reason is that I visited a homeopathic doctor who prescribed something that made it easier for me to just “let things be the way they are.”

In the end, I have gotten back my emotions without taking lithium at all.

Microwave ovens

A recipe for cancer

Water-test with plants

Ten-year-old evidence, suppressed by the Swiss courts, shows that food from a microwave can cause worrying changes in your blood. More recent studies add to the mounting evidence that microwave ovens pose a hazard to your health.

In 1989, a Swiss food scientist called Dr. Hans-Urich Hertel made some worrying discoveries about microwave ovens. Nevertheless, for more than a decade he has been fighting for the right to let the world know what he has found. The point that he has been desperately trying to make public is vital to consumer interests: Any food eaten that has been cooked or defrosted in a microwave oven can cause changes in the blood indicative of a developing pathological process that is also found in cancer. Nevertheless, for all this time, Hertel has been effectively gagged by the manufacturers of micro-wave ovens who have effectively used trade laws and the Swiss court to muzzle him – even to threaten him with personal ruin. In March 1993, the Canton of Bern Commercial Court, following a complaint filed by the Swiss Association of Dealers for Electro-apparatuses for Households and Industry, prohibited Dr. Hertel from publicly declaring or writing that microwave ovens were dangerous to health. Flouting the order could incur a fine up to SF5000 or even land him up to a year in prison. The Swiss Federal Court in Lausanne confirmed the verdict in 1994. The court based its verdict on the Swiss Law Against Unfair Competition, which prohibits “discriminating, untrue, misleading and unnecessarily harming statements against a supplier or his products” (Journal of Natural Sciences, 1998; 1:2-7) – a law that solely considers the inhibition of trade per se and not malicious intent. That law effectively muzzles the Swiss press as well, as any statements which could be viewed as critical of microwave ovens could easily lead to litigation. The view of the Swiss on Dr. Hertel’s findings are not shared by the rest of Europe. In August 1998, the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the gag order issued by the Swiss courts against Dr. Hertel was contrary to the right of freedom of expression. The European Court also ordered Switzerland to pay a compensation of SF40,000. Despite his victory, which is two years old, Dr. Hertel is still waiting for the Swiss courts to reverse their earlier decision and lift a SF8000 fine against him. In the meantime, his explosive discoveries are being corroborated by evidence cropping up here and there all over the world.

Where did it start?

Some believe that microwave ovens were developed during Word War II by the Germans to enable easy food production in their submarines; others say that the same scientists developed them to support mobile operations during the invasion of the Soviet Union. Whatever the case, their invention dates from World War II. After the War, the technology was taken back to the States, where it was developed, resulting in the first domestic oven being launched onto the market there in 1952 by the Raytheon company. Since then, the technology has been promoted all over the world with virtually no research by the relevant authorities in any country into possible harmful effects. It was not until the 1970’s that the first reports started appearing casting doubt on the safety of food cooked in a microwave. Histological studies with microwaved broccoli and carrots revealed that the molecular structures of nutrients were deformed to the point of destroying cell walls whereas, in conventional cooking, the cell structures remain intact (Journal of Food Science, 1975; 40:1025-9).

How a microwave oven works

A microwave oven uses a device called a magnetron tube, which causes an electron beam to oscillate at very high frequencies, producing microwave (MW) radiation. Domestic and commercial units use a frequency of 2.45 gigahertz (GHz) at an output of 400-1000 watts for a typical domestic oven, whose power supply is designed to deliver 4000 volt pulses to the magnetron. The 2.45 GHz frequency is used because water absorbs electro-magnetic energy quickest and maximally at this frequency, thus allowing food containing water to be heated quickly. The molecules within the food are forced to align themselves with the very rapidly alternating field and to oscillate around their axis. Heat is produced from the considerable intermolecular friction. Microwaves are beamed from the magnetron into the oven compartment, where they heat the food from the inside out, unlike conventional ovens, which do the reverse. Heating from the inside first can give rise to cold spots – hence the need to rotate the dish constantly. The maximum leakage level allowed under the current standards is a power density of 5 milliwatts per square centimetre at a distance of 5 centimetres from the over door. This limit is based on standards for MW radiation that are disputed by those who argue that non-thermal effects of MW radiation should be taken into account in tallying radiation levels (as, for example, with mobile phones). The door itself should be checked periodically to ensure that is not leaking excessively.

Hertel’s research

Eleven years ago, Dr. Hertel, a food scientist who had worked for several years for one of the international Swiss food companies, joined forces with Professor Bernard Blanc of the Federal Institute of Technology to conduct an extensive research programme on the effects of microwaved food on humans. Although the programme was turned down by the Swiss National Fund, the two scientists decided to fund a smaller research programme themselves. They selected eight people from the Macrobiotic Institute at Kientel in Switzerland all of whom, including Hertel himself, adherents to strict macrobiotic diets to minimise the presence of confounding elements affecting blood measures. Except for Hertel who was 64 at the time, all were aged between 20 and 40. As Hertel told “What Doctors don’t tell you”: We all lived in the same hotel for eight weeks and there was no smoking, no alcohol and no sex. At intervals of two to five days, the volunteers received one of eight possible food sources on an empty stomach: raw milk from a biofarm; the same milk conventionally cooked; the same raw milk cooked in a microwave oven; pasteurised milk from conventional sources; raw vegetables from organic farm; the same vegetables cooked conventionally; the same vegetables frozen and defrosted in a microwave; and the same vegetables cooked in a microwave. Blood samples were taken from each volunteer immediately before eating, then at specified intervals after eating the above preparations. Significant changes were observed in the blood of those who had consumed microwave food, which included a reduction in all haemoglobin and cholesterol values, both the high-density lipoproteins (‘good’ cholesterol) and low density lipoproteins (‘bad’ cholesterol) (Nexus, 1995; April-May: 25-7). Lymphocytes (white blood cells) showed a more noticeable short-term decrease after the ingestion of microwaved food than after the intake of the other foods. In addition, Hertel discovered a strongly significant association between the amount of microwave energy in the test foods and the brightness of those bacteria which light up (when looked at under a special light) on exposure to blood from those who’d eaten the food. Hertel concluded that such energy may be passed to those eating microwaved food. Besides these effects of microwave-heating of food, Hertel also noted non-thermal effects which, he claims, alter the cell membrane’s permeability by changing the electric potentials between the outer and inner sides of the cell. The damaged cells then become an easy prey to viruses, fungi and other microorganisms. The natural repair mechanisms of cells are also disturbed, which eventually forces cells to respond to a ‘state-of-emergency’ energy supply by switching from aerobic (oxygen-based) to anaerobic (no oxygen) respiration. Instead of producing water and carbon dioxide, they produce hydrogen peroxide and carbon monoxide. In such a situation, Hertel asserts, cells revert from ‘healthy oxidation’ to an unhealthy ‘fermentation’ process of energy generation. Hertel goes on to state that when food is microwaved, the oven exerts a power input of about 1000 watts or more. The resulting destruction and deformation of food molecules produces new compounds called ‘radiolytic’ compounds, unknown in nature. The current received wisdom in scientific circles is that microwaved and other irradiated food does not contain significantly higher levels of radiolytic compounds than that cooked conventionally, but Hertel’s results suggest the contrary. Blood analyses from the participants also confirmed that all was not well in those eating microwaved food. Samples taken at 7.45 each morning, at 15 minutes after food intake and two hours later showed that erythrocyte, haemoglobin, haematocrit and leucocyte measures were all at the lower limits of normal in those eating the microwaved food. These results are akin to those of individuals with a tendency towards anaemia; the results were more pronounced and statistically significant in the second month of the study. Furthermore, as these values decreased, blood cholesterol levels correspondingly increased. It is not hard to see why the publication of such results in 1992 might have produced a furor in Switzerland. Nevertheless, the reaction of the Swiss authorities and industry which took him to Court and convicted him under their Unfair Competition law remains a shameful chapter in Swiss history. Such was the pressure on Professor Blanc that he felt forced to publicly dissociate himself from the interpretation given in their joint report shortly after publication. Privately, he admitted to Dr. Hertel that he feared for the safety of his family (Journal of Natural Sciences, 1998: 1:2-7). Despite attempts to shut him up publicly, Dr. Hertel’s research remains available to the public outside of Switzerland through the post or his website (copies available from The World Foundation for Natural Science, Box 632, CH-3000, Bern, Switzerland; tel: 0041 33 438 1158 fax: 437 48 16. Website:

Russians ban microwave ovens

After World War II the Russians also experimented with microwave ovens. From 1957 up to recently, their research has been carried out mainly at the Institute of Radio Technology at Klinsk, Byelorussia. According to US researcher William Kopp, who gathered together much of the results of Russian and German research – and was apparently persecuted for doing so (Journal of Natural Sciences, 1998; 1: 42-3) – the following effects were observed by Russian forensic teams:

* Heating prepared meats in microwave sufficiently for human consumption created:
* d-Nitrosodiethanolamin (a well-known cancer-causing agent);
* Destabilisation of active protein biomolecular compounds
* Creation of a binding effect to radioactivity in the atmosphere
* Creation of cancer-causing agents within protein-hydrolysate compounds in milk and cereal grains
* Microwave emisions also caused alteration in the catabolic (break-down) behaviour of glucoside – and glactoside – elements within frozen fruits when thawed in this way;
* Microwaves altered catabolic behaviour of plant-alkaloids when raw, cooked, or frozen vegetables were exposed for even very short periods;
* Cancer-causing free radicals were formed within certain trace-mineral molecular formations in plant substances, especially in raw root vegetables;
* Ingestion of microwave foods caused a higher percentage of cancerous cells in the blood;
* Due to chemical alterations within food substances, malfunctions occurred in the lymphatic system, causing degeneration of the immune system’s capacity to protect itself against cancerous growth;
* The unstable catabolism of microwaved foods altered their elemental food substances, leading to disorders in the digestive system;
* Those ingesting microwaved foods showed a statistically higher incidence of stomach and intestinal cancers, plus a general degeneration of peripheral cellular tissues with a gradual breakdown of the digestive and excretory system function;
* Microwave exposure caused significant decreases in the nutritional value of all foods studied, particularly:
* A decrease in the bioavailability of B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, essential minerals and lipotrophics;
* Destruction of the nutritional value of nucleoproteins in meats
* Lowering of the metabolic activity of alkaloids, glucosides, galactosides and nitrilosides (all basic plant substances in fruits and vegetables.);
* Marked acceleration of structural disintegration in all foods (Perceptions, 1996; May/June: 30-3).

As a result, microwave ovens were banned in Russia in 1976; the ban was lifted after Perestroika.

Recent research

While some of the above findings remain to be replicated, other research in Britain and the U.S. has unearthed other possible hazards. In 1990 at the University of Leeds, two scientists in the Department of Medical Microbiology studied the uneven heating that can be caused by microwave ovens. They found that the salt content in a specified portion of mashed potatoes influenced its inside temperature ? the greater the salt content, the lower the temperature. The authors concluded that “the poor penetration of microwaves into the test food with high ionic concentrations may result from the induction of electrical / ionic flow in the surface of the food. This would also explain why commercial food heated in microwaves boils on the surface but is cool on the inside” (Nature, 1990; 344:496). A case was reported in 1991 of a patient in hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who died of anaphylaxis after receiving a transfusion of blood which had been warmed in a microwave oven. The irradiation appears to have altered the blood in some way and caused patient’s death (Journal of Natural Sciences, 1998; 1 : 2-7). In August 1989, British Government research showed that Listeria and other potentially fatal bacteria can survive in microwave-cooked food, even if instructions are followed (Food Business, 1989; 20:12). Other U.S. research has shown that the practice of reheating leftover food in a microwave is potentially dangerous, Researchers investigating an outbreak of Salmonella among those attending a picnic in 1992 discovered that, of 30 people who took home leftover meat, all ten who used a microwave became ill. None of the ten persons who used a conventional oven or skillet to reheat the pork became ill. The researchers concluded that, compared with conventional methods of reheating food, microwave ovens offered no preventative protection from illness (American Journal of Epidemiology, 1994: 139 : 903-9).

Do not heat milk in a microwave oven

Heating or thawing human milk by microwave causes a decrease in the level of anti-infective factors in the milk, even when low temperatures (20-53°C) are used (Pediatrics, 1992; 89:667-9). In one study, conducted at Stanford University in California, microwaving at higher than 72°C was found to cause a considerable decrease in all the tested anti-infective factors. The Stanford researchers strongly rejected the use of microwaving, even at low temperatures, of human milk in hospitals. Another study carried out in Vienna, found that microwave cooking induced high rates of change in food proteins that were not observed after conventional cooking. D-proline and cis-D-hydroxyproline were found in significant quantities in microwave-heated infant milk formulas, whereas only L-proline is normally found in biological material. (L stands for laevo-rotary, D for dextrorotary, referring to the direction electrons rotate in their plane of optical polarisation). Lubec and his colleagues warned that “the conversion of trans to cis forms could be hazardous because when cis-amino acids are incorporated into peptides and proteins instead of their transisomers, this can lead to structural, functional, and immunological changes” (Lancet, 1989; 9 : 1392-3). Other research has also found that microwaving infant formula can produce molecular changes to the amino acids in milk proteins, causing toxicity or affecting the nutritional value of the milk formula. Nevertheless, the quantity of proteins changed was very small (Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 1994; 13:209-10). Not all evidence has been negative. Scientists at a nutrition and food research institute in Zeist, The Netherlands, carried out a 13-week study of the effects of micro-waved food on the blood chemistry and other healt indicators in rats and apparently found no adverse effects (Food Chemical Toxic, 1995; 33 : 245-56). Nevertheless, these were animal studies and may not necessarily apply to human health.

Beware ? additives leaking

Another problem with microwaved food is that it is low in colour and flavour compared with conventionally cooked food, especially in foods containing pastry. This has encouraged the development of microwavable food additives to artificially produces the colours and flavours consumers have come to expect. As Australian academics Ashton and Laura state in their strongly recommended book “The Perils of Progress” (Zed Books, London, 1999): “An example of a new type of flavour-producing technology designed for use in microwave ovens is susceptors. These devices are usually glued to the packaging of microwavable foods and are used to achieve local areas of high temperature. This has the effect of browning the food during microwave cooking. A subtle side-effect of some of the pre-1992 susceptor devices involved the release of small amounts of a toxic chemical bisphenol-A-diglycidyl ether (BADGE); into the food during microwaving. BADGE was a component of the cold-cure adhesive used to fix susceptors to packaging”. The authors cite a 1992 study of 52 samples of pizza in which nine samples of susceptors used in one brand contained BADGE at concentrations between 0.2 ? 0.3%. The chemical was found to migrate into the pizza when they were cooked in their packaging according to the instructions (Food Additives and Contaminants, 1995; 1:779-87). Other research has shown that a large number of chemicals are released from susceptor packed together with foods such as pizzas, waffles and French fries intended for a microwave. One study identified 44 different volatile chemicals, including the carcinogen benzene (AOAC international 1993; 76:1268-75). Another toxic chemical observed to migrate from packaging into food when microwaved is benzophenone, a component of the ink on the printed paperboard (Food Additive Contaminates, 1994; 11:231-40). Bread and breakfast cereals are often sold in waxed bags for easy heating in a microwave. However, a recent study showed that following the instructions on the packaging resulted in 60% of the wax being transferred to the food (Food Additives Contaminants, 1994; 11:79-89). The PVC plastic films that cover food during microwave cooking have been found to release plasticisers into the food to such a degree that a 1996 study recommended that PVC should not be used in direct contact with food during cooking (AB Badeka, MG Kontominas, 1996; cited in Ashton and Laura, 1999, page 68).

Protect yourself against radiation if you must continue to use a microwave oven:

* Have it checked regularly for leakage, especially the door, which is prone to leakage;
* Never open the door while the oven is on;
* Stand at least three feet away (especially children) from the oven when in use to avoid the cumulative effects of even low-level exposure. The lens of the eye is most at risk from prolonged micro-wave exposure because it has no way of dissipating the energy ? thermally or otherwise;
* Avoid microwave cooking of frozen foods and commercially prepared meals, especially if they are to be cooked in their packaging;
* Use non-PVC cooking containers whenever possible;
* Discourage growing children from eating microwaved food or using a microwave;
* Be aware that the majority of restaurant food is now microwaved using large commercial ovens. These pose even greater potential risks to users, and those using them should be warned.

The message seems clear. Don’t cook food in a microwave oven, especially for children, unless there is a genuine need for urgency. Resist the slick and misleading advertising offering the ‘quick fix’ for your ‘busy life’. Realise that the body requires wholesome food prepared in as wholesome a way possible to function optimally. To the degree that you consume less-than-wholesome food, your body organs and processes will be adversely affected, leading to degeneration and disease. Treat your body like a Rolls Royce – not a waste disposal bin.

Written by Simon Best, editor and producer of the quarterly news report “Electromagnetic Hazard Therapy”.
E-mail: Simon Best
Send addressed envelope to: Box 2039, Shoreham, West Sussex BN43 5JD, or
Website of Simon Best


Commercial collusion

Simon Best, our resident expert on ail things electromagnetic, has produced above a chilling testimonial to the dangers of microwave ovens.

One of the most comprehensive pieces of journalism on this technology, his article makes for grim reading. Solid scientific evidence suggests that heating food by microwave denatures food of most vital nutrients. Eating food that has been cooked in this manner produces changes in your blood, cells and immune system suggestive of conditions like cancer.

Food that is microwaved tastes so disgusting that manufacturers have to throw in additives, colourants, artificial flavours and other assort