What to do on thyriod diseases – don’t drink too much coffee, black tea, cola and other substances with cafein or thein. Virusses can attack your thyroid gland (use silverions to get rid of them). Clean your digesting system. Don’t come into contact with mercury and copper in a way they are stored in your body. A high quantity of that metals are typical for thyroid gland patients. Stop using the anticonception pill because it is influencing the copper-quantity in your body. Mercury-fillings (Amalgame) must be taken away in a save way. Don’t use hormons for the adrenal gland. Eat food(supplements) that can regulate the thyroid gland.
For fast thyroid gland: doctors tell you not to eat vegetables because it can lead to a goitre. Sojabeans, millet, cauliflower, cabbage (green & white), broccoli, (Brussels) sprouts, swedisc turnip, kail, Swedisch turnip cabbage, radish, horseradis, watercress and rapeseed. Those ingredients, when taken in normal amounts, you are able to regulate both a fast and a slow working thyroid throid. Only when you eat large amount of them, you can get in trouble with a goitre. However some people are more in danger to get that than others. Stop smoking because there is a connection between the illness of Graves and smoking. Mostly where people also suffer from diseases on the eye. Do not eat to many bran and plants with yellow colour because they have a distructive work-out on the hormons of the thyroid gland.
Do not take iodine supplements and take care not to take more than 1 mg of iodine in your daily food, even if you have a slowly working thyroid gland. To many iodine can make your tryoid gland stop producing hormons. Take daily the following supplements:
300 micrograms of iodine
Tyrosine (of animals), 250 milligram
vitamine A, 25.000 ie (not taken as betacartone because this is essential in combination with protein for the conversion from T4 to T3)
Zinc, 30 milligram
Vitamine E, 400 ie
Riboflavin B, 15 milligram
Niacine B3, 25-50 milligram
Pyridoxine (of animals), 25-50 milligram
Vitamine C, 1 gram

To fast working thyroid gland:
Try to ban out stress
Sleep in the afternoon and also good at night
Do not eat food containing iodine as seaweed, kitchensalt, and otthers. Use little meals with a lot of calories to compensate your fast metabolism.

Food containing a lot of ionide: seaweed, seafish, eggs, milk, kelp and sea-vegetables.
Eat a lot of food containing vitamins of the B-complex (or supplement if you don’t eat) organic meat, sojaoil, nuts, eggs and so on.

If you have little thyroid gland function you can’t absorb vitamin B12 causing neurological problems or other problems when not getting enough vitamin B12 (Cobalt) in the bloodstream.

If you do not want synthetical thyroid hormons; use Armour Thyroid. In England every doctor can prescribe this!

You can try: kinesiology, Bach Blossom and other homeopatic remedies, energy balancing, osteopathics or reflexology. Refer to people who know how to use these remedies on you!

The book “Guide to Metabolic health – Honeyman – Lowe JC, McDowell Health Science books, 2001” contains a lot of information about helping yourself.

Toxicated thyroid gland

The thyroid gland can be toxicated by fluor or mercury.