That what tore the heart of the world,
on which the Netherlands and Vlaanderen (Piece of Belgium, talking Dutch),
is grieving with seven Television nets,
didn’t come out of the dark.
It is there because there has passed something before.
And what happens in Rwanda,
happens on the Balkan,
It happens also in Sudan,
and maybe it happens in Nigeria too.
Although, that last is not likely,
because in that country is much oil,
and it has other materials for sale,
that gives always a positive turn on the march,
of events in history.
Of course, I support
that we must give much money
on accountnumber 5 5 5.
but what I insist on too, is that after paying for the helping here,
another action should not longer be put on the line.
There is much pain and much suffering
in the longer the more places
You won’t loose the evil in the world,
but you don’t have to be a phantast
to conclude:
With the genocide that passed in the near past,
the slaugtering and deportations,
from Mostar until Ghoma
could not escalate so strongly
with less doubtful and amphibious operations,
from Europe and the U.N.
Does these politics without pressure of the public
ever become integer and powerful
If the people,
and the people WE ARE,
fall silent after donating these emergency rotations,
Why should they, who represent our people, use their mouth anyway?
We cannot visit the Anne-Frank house in Amsterdam
On May 4th the flag hanging halfway its flagstaff,
regret the haulocaust
and that what should never happen again,
let exist anyway.
That existing anyway,
that the guilty people at the same murder as then
and from which we told: This must never happen again,
nevertheless with them is an agreement again.
On Sunday, 31th of July I wrote this poem,
The radio told about Rwanda,
that it was sick, hopeless and poor.
After that on Balcan ground,
again a group of around 300 Muslims was deported
and every house of them had been seized.
And the whole of the Netherlands complained that it was terribly warm.
There are still riding trains with Jews to Auschwitz
However Auschwitz is sometimes Mostar or Kichali,
and Jews are sometimes Hutu,sometimes Tutsi
of nothing.
And in our name that train rides again
because those who are in Brussels,
also ruling this world
choosen by us.
Emergency rotations come first,
but if you leave it with that
then it is nothing more than ever allow
that one after the other train is leaving for Auschwitz
to gather money for the surviving people
Last year a march on Brussels was proposed,
That march has been postponed,
and later it didn’t take place,
because so was told us,
A massive protest would not be normal to nineties.
That was then, and now is now
This is the time of the individual
who want to manifest himself personally
and doesn’t seem to bind himself to politics
so the following happend
at a morbide turning point
in history.
While people at some places are still killing,
the following genocide is already prepared,
and that etnically cleaning,
can take place without notification,
because protesting is out of fashion.
I think with the eye on the good fashion,
that it becomes the time to do something which is out of fashion.
It is the time for us, a-diplomatic outsiders
that something has to be told to them who talk in the name of Europe
that for us people a nation being into genocide
does not count less heavy
than a war
in which oil is involved
The lingering held by the world’s nations
done with our ratifications,
from that rude working,
there can only be one outcome:
That is such a march on Brussels.
The next genocide doesn’t take long to arrive,
We appoint on a date,
Reserve our seven television nets again
The pain afterwards can be relieved,
But the alread departed deportation train cannot be stopped anymore.
An action like this should consist of 2 steps,
2 steps who belong to each other
The second stap cannot go without the first one
and withoud step two, step one is lost.
Now step one,
But if we then stop
Then the emergency rotations from the first hour,
will linger this politics on the long run
Because when the people, and the people are WE, fall silent,
after the sending of this emergency rotations,
why should they, who represent our people,
ever open their mouths again?
Herman Finkers