The way our Planet is being robbed off its natural habitats is simply scary. All my life I have been thinking of ways to make this place a better world to live in and to live for. Recently I have seen our only chance to restore it from our side. Further on there are a few things that are harder to change: the power of the sun. When the sun will send more energy towards our earth, then we will get more heat. One thing that will keep up the heat more than they would have done without is of course CarbonDioxyde. So we have to find ways to get that gas out of the atmosphere. Another thing that is hard to control are the eruptions of vulcanos. The particles being brought high up in the atmosphere are keeping away the heat. So it is known that by the eruption of the Pinatubo in 1991 the temperature dropped 1 degree centigrade the next year. Then we must not forget the big gulf-streams all over the world delivering warm water in cold places and cold water in hot places. They are the big regulators of the temperature in the atmosphere. You might remember the movie ‘The day after tomorrow’ where the warm gulfstream towards northern Europe stopped at approximately Scottland. If this happens it would be disastrous, but like everything in this way: there is not that kind undo-button like in most programs on the computer. Then we have that thing that has been build in Alaska. It is called HAARP but what can America regulate with this regarding to the climate and all other things that can be (dis)regulated on this Planet.

The Knowledge Book is what ( God or Allah ) gave us. One thing is for sure: ( God or Allah) is the same entity.

So you see, there is a lot of information concentrated on this page, but it is never ‘finished’. I have opened an email-address for you to react on this page so we can improve this and save this Planet for ourselves and our Children. This is what I tried last year: Planet United – please follow the news on Life Earth (initiated by Al Gore) being done at 07.07.07.

24-hour economics

We are looking for ways to reduce the amount of electricity we use in changing the lightbulbs into saving light bulbs. These have other disadvantages. There is only one way to reduce the amount of electricity: LED-lights, but reading with them was impossible until now. Keep on doing research. But… Why do we need light in the first place? We use it to create a day in the night. create an economy which runs 24/day 365 days/year. If we would really want to do something for the environment we would have power from water, wind & sun that is only switched on forwarded by daylight. Now we could simulate that by switching off power plants at night and switching them on when dawn arrives. People living above the polar circle can be allowed to sleep during winter. It is hard to imagine but when we would want to respect our earth, we must abandon our idea that money is more important that the resources that our earth is offering to us. Money is a way to make it easier to change ownership, but most people have lost that sight.

Then there is another point: Our calendar has much more influence on us than most people think. Why isn’t it that the first day of the month isn’t always a sunday? There is an alternative calendar originally created by the Maya Culture (Tzolkin) and now implemented by the Foundation for the Law of Time. It would be great to implement that calendar – WorldWide – as soon as possible.

Back to nature means that we should stop putting the stress on ourselves in wanting to stay awake longer than nature has thought for us. So sleep when it’s dark and stay awake when there is light.


Only allow biological agriculture. Export is not more important than feeding your own country. Importing the food for the animals in a little country like the Netherlands is very bad: we get the problems with the excretions of the animals who eat those food. Thus: We have to grow the food for the animals ourselves, it solves the excretion problem immediately.

The source of BSE (grinded bones meal) has to be forbidden immediately. We made our animals to canibals and that is the reason we created the Creutzfeld-Jacobs disease ourselves.

Foot-and-Mouth disease is caused by the fact that agruculture has grown that intensively, that the animals can infect each other very quickly. For about 100 years the same disease only required carantene for the infected animals. The disease is not life-threatening and perhaps you can cure the animals with colloidal silver..


The only way to reduce the amount of traffic is to bring the job’s places nearby where the people live. Not 100.000 people living at a place and their jobs 50 miles away, concentrated. Maximum distance from home to jobs is 7 miles so many people have to move towards their jobs. If a company is able to offer jobs at home, they should be forced to do so. Only allow max. one day/week to be at the company’s place to do meetings.

And of course: anyone would want to drive a car. But how can we do that without producing carbondioxide? The way is simple: We take sunlight and a solar power collector, use the electricity coming from it to electrolyse water. The hydrogen and oxygen coming from this process will be stored separately in two tanks. When driving those two components will be fed into a combustion engine. That will be producing water only while driving.

Health care

See around on my website and you know what kind of health care should be the best for the people.

microwave ovens. may cause a risk for somebody’s health

No Fluoride in drinking water – it is poison!
No artificial colourants in food.
Taste enhancers E621 t/m E635 must be forbidden because they can be harmful to groups of people.

Healthcare will be free. It takes away those insurance-companies wanting to earn money from your disease too Everyone is paying taxes, so there is no need to pump the money around. From those taxes the healthcare can be paid. If so, it is much more attractive to solve the healthproblems structural instead of wiping away symptoms.
There are people dying from medicine. This is a contradiction? Those medicine from which a lot of people expect to be healthy from are only poisoning them. We have to tell smokers that they have to take vitamin C and Lysine to stay healthy while smoking. Smoking must be forbidden in all public services.

In hospitals they have to use floors of linoleum, impregnated with flax-oil. This oil has the ability to kill bacteria. The floors of vinyl nowadays are ‘food for bacteria’

The pharmaceutical industries have to convert into an industrie without the profit-objective. People can be cured by the substances which are not in food anymore: foodsupplements and fytotherapy. Homeopatics and discussiongroups can be very healthy to all people who are open to those ways of treatment.
For centuries we have used colloidal silver against all kinds of germs. When it won’t work, then try it with antibiotics.


Stop building buildings where they are not needed. There are too many buildings built and nobody seems wanting to get in (mostly offices). We have to create places where plants and trees can grow to capture the CarbonDioxide.

Cleaning project

We have to clean the environment in the world from deposited waste. When you deposit waste afterwards, it will cost you $1,000 when a police officer sees you do so.

Waste separation

Recycling must be done, because burning the waste is wasting raw materials. The idea that people will be separating the waste themselves seems to be out of time. There are ways to separate the waste so that most of them will be used again. Biomass has to be generating electricity.


Start growing bio-energetics for fuel in a way that the amount of carbondioxide is taken by the plants while burning it in our combustion engines.

In 2010 the oilcompanies must generate as much power by sun, wind and water as they are selling via oil. In 2025 all energy must come from the sun, the wind and the watter. If we don’t take these measures, we are taking the risk that the climate is changing that way, that it can become very hot, but also a new iceage can be started! Hunger in the zones where now most of the growing is done, will be very normal by then because there won’t be any growing possible. – Furtilize the Sahara anyway / anyhow – by rain generators!

Research about nuclear fusion, the way the sun is providing us its power, must be restarted and on-goinng. Spliting large nuclei is dangerous because of radiation. It must be possible with magnetic fields and superconductants to get a controlled fision that gives us more energy than we put into it.

A nuclearsplitting power plant in Southern France is receiving just as much energy from the light of the sun as it is generating through its process. There should be more research to have this energy derived from the light of the sun. 20% as the result of solar panels is a pretty low output.


We try to respect each other and we will talk just as long as we haven’t found a solving for our problem. The only weapon is our loud and clear voice.


Controlling waterlevels by computers may turn out to be bad: they miss one input that people have: weather forecast. We have been fighting against drought and now there sometimes a lot of water. Result: high water levels in rivers and sometimes flooding. In a way we have here second-hand weather: Much rains are 14 days earlier in the U.S. We get this two weeks later, and so we have two weeks to react. A very good idea to have the water in the IJsselmeer ten centimeters lower that normal, so the water can be lead off to the IJsselmeer and some floodings do not happen at all. Stop the building in the places where the river has to go when carrying more water than in other times. Make the rivers broader and stop the canalization of rivers because then the river beds will have too much sand and the natural flows with interaction with the sea are gone. This was the real cause of the floodings in Germany in 2002 – Canalization of the rivers.

We have to let it rain in the deserts across the earth. There are a few ways to let it rain. You can use an old oil rig to pump seawater into the desert. In the middle of the desert a lake will vaporize. There are a few plants that are growing in a salty enviroonment. Those can be grown there. In the end the vaporized water will fall down as rain. The best way is to put more water into circlation so it can be done with this rainmaker:

In the end a place with natural plant growth will be existing in the current deserts. It will result in fertile grounds and solve most of the problems in Africa. It is very important to put water in the atmosphere in the deserts so it starts to rain. It should start raining so heavily that ultimately trees and plants will start to grow. In my opinion we should install big fountains that will spout seawater into the atmosphere so that winds will take this water towards the desert lands. The cloud machine works without any energy, but the electrically operated fountains might operate on solar energy derived from the desert. I have seen more ways: Black plastic just below sea level to have water evaporate. All of them should be implemented soonest to have water preserved on another place than the sea and to be able to irrigate the Sahara and grow plants there to bind the CarbonDioxyde.

The most beautiful thing would be to block the river Nile and let all its water be flowing into the Sahara. Of course: you can’t sail on the Nile while doing so, but this water is not salt at all and can be used better to irregate this desert. All other deserts can be looked at individually, but if it is possible to use a big river, then you should do so. Other ideas stay welcome!

More information about the Cloudmachine

Into Space

We have to colonize Mars – when we find save power to sail towards our neighbour Planet. It has to be done quickly when we have to evacuate people from here to Mars when our planet gets too many feed.

Labour has to be just as expensive all around the world

There must be no difference for a company to be far east or in Europe. Therefore the levels of development have to be put into equal amounts all around the world to stop the flee from large companies from Europe to ‘low-wages-countries’. This going away means only the destroying of resources.


Until 27 years old, education should be without any costs. That is the only way to keep the chances to learn of everybody the same.


When people eat and drink good, sports are good to them. Make one sport without any costs until 27.

Value of return

We have to live in co-operation with nature, not against nature.

This is an old Indian Saying:

Only when the last stream has been poisoned
Only when the last soil has become eroded
Only when the last air has become without Oxygen
Only when the last food has been eaten
Then mankind will ultimately know that money is not eatable

Dutch version of this document, which contains some more information that I didn’t come to translate into English.

Collected 1988-2007 by Tjarko Holtjer – Maybe distributed freely to implement a safe & healthy planet – Freedom Foundation / Harmonic Health – Site