Aconite – sudden shock, initial heart attack.
Arnica – for any injury, external or internal, bruises, wounds, shock due to injury.
Arsenic Alb – acute cold, food poisoning, anxiety, restlessness.
Belladonna – sunstroke, sunheadaaches, for inflamed glands and fevers.
Bryonia – migraine, vertigo, nose bleed, biliousness.
Cantharis – burns and blisters.
Carbo Veg – collapse, shock, air hunger, cold and clammy hands. It can hold a person from dying.
Cuprem Met – cholera, diarrhoes, vomiting, copious sweating with cramps.
Dulcamara – wet weather diarrhoes.
Euphrasis/Cineraria Succus Maritima Eyedrops – Euphrasia for conjunctivitis sore eyes, burning eyes.
Cineraria for cataract.
Gun Powder – anti-tetanus, for pus, sepsis.
Hepar Sulph – tonsilitis, sore throat, suppuration, fevers due to.
Kali Phos – to soothe nerves, good for memory, sleep, prostration.
Ledum Pal – for snake and mosquito bites.
Lycopodium – for lichen, liver, and erection problem. Also for dry vagina.
Mag Phos – anti-spasmodic, muscular cramps, neuralgic pains.
Merc Sol / Plantago – tootache, swollen glands, fever with cold, spongy and bleeding gums, cavities.
Nat Mur – for scorpion bite, goitre and diabetes.
Nux Vomica – abdominal colic, constipation, stress, drug addiction.
Phosphorous – expistaxis, los of vision, diplopia, acute hepatitis, bleeding piles, AIDS.
Pulsatilla – acute earaches, diarrhoea due to fatty food, ripened cold, hypersensitive.
Rhus tox – specific for influenza/SARS, rheumatic pains, bodyaches and over exertion.
Sulphur – eczema, piles, lichen planus.
Symphytum with Calc Phos for fractures.
Rescue Remedy – great remedy in any life and death situation.

Source: Dr. Leo Rebello
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